Friday, March 27, 2015

Curb Appeal...Early Spring Lawn Care

Early Spring Lawn Care *

After such a long winter, it's wonderful to see that there is actually a lawn under all of that snow! Since your grass may have taken a beating, use these suggestions to give it a healthy start this year.
If your lawn has trouble absorbing water or if grass is compacted, aerate the yard. This allows air and moisture to enter the top soil and produces healthier grass. Apply an inch of water to your yard the day before you plan to aerate.
Apply Compost
Compost, organic materials that have decomposed, is the perfect material to give your lawn and gardens a helpful boost to wake up from winter. You can buy this from the hardware store, but you can also create your own compost at home.
Now that you've aerated and fertilized the yard, it's time to wait. Before you mow that lovely yard, give the grass time to grow three or four inches. Invest in a mulching mower and spread the clippings over your freshly cut yard. After the initial mow, you will need to trim the grass once every week or every other week so that you cut no more than a third of the grass.
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