Thursday, February 21, 2008

What Clients Say About Jill O'Grady

I am thinking about sending out a marketing letter to get more clients. I have asked some of my past clients to write something about their experience in working with me. Here is what some of them have to say:

Jill's knowledge of the city was paramount for us in finding a condo for our daughter to live in. We bought a condo without stepping foot in Chicago. We trusted Jill and she didn't let us down.
BAM, Retired Trader

“Jill was very patient with me in finding my new home. She showed me many places that I had some kind of hang-up on and she kept looking until she found out I was happy with”.
KMacD, Accountant

You are the best! You sold my property in a down market in only week! Technically, you sold it before it went on the market to the broker in your firm.
FLW, IT Consultant

"We used Jill to help us buy our very first home. She was extremely patient with us. We were looking at a lot of places and being picky about our choices, but Jill was always there to help us see as many places as we wanted and help us choose the perfect place for us. She explained the buying process to us and was very helpful throughout the whole process. We loved her."
DW, Nutritionist

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Winter Walk in Lincoln Park. 60614

What a great day! I got all bundled and walked about a mile to Lincoln Park in the snow. That's one of the wonderful things about living in LP, Old Town, or the Gold Coast...walking distance to the park, the lake, and Lincoln Park Zoo. Today the Sichuan Tapir was out and the Flamigo community was at their hot pink, finest, dancing around and flapping their wings with Chicago's 'concrete mountains' in the background. Also out for a walk in the snow were the Camels and plenty of birds.

For a change in climate I stepped into the Lincoln Park Conservatory for a view of some colorful. spring flowers as well as orchids, ferns, and and a jungle of other plants. The temperature went from cold outside to warm inside, to muggy in the fern room and a cool spring day of 55 degrees for the flower show.

For any information about these areas or other places in Chicago including real estate listings be sure to contact me!