Monday, December 8, 2008

Chicago Real Estate/Why Buy Before July 1, 2009?

I recently shared 10 top reasons to buy a place before the end of the year and now here is some info for first time buyers. You may be qualified to receive up to a $7500 credit on your first time home purchase if you meet the guidelines!

C.A.R.(Chicago Association of Realtors) has prepared an easy-to-read “First-Time Homebuyers Tax Credit” FAQ sheet.

Here is the link:

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rubloff Chicago/Special Managing Broker

I agree with Eric Rojas. Darlene Little, managing broker at Rubloff is indeed very special as Eric states in Chicago Agent Magazine. Eric wrote:

"There are a few reasons that differentiate Darlene Little, my managing broker at Rubloff. First of all, Darlene is an accomplished leader within our industry and has been president of CAR. Her guidance and contacts come from the highest levels of our profession. Secondly, our managing broker is not actively selling real estate, which I believe makes her career advice more objective. And third, Darlene is simply a great lady to talk with and easy to approach; she gives it to you straight. "

To that, I would like to add that Darlene truly cares about all of her agents and will do whatever it takes to guide them to be the best. She will 'go to bat' for them when necessary and is a valuable professional in the Real Estate Industry.