Friday, October 24, 2008

Staging Chicago Single Family Home

I went to a broker open house the other day in Hamlin Park (60613). The home is new construction and priced just under $1.4. This home was recently staged by a company out of the Chicago area. I know this company charged a move-in fee and a move-out fee for the furniture and they will also earn a percentage of the sale. The seller of his home will be paying almost alot for staging.
The problem with the staging (in my opinion) is that no consideration was given to the style of the house. The stager obviously bought all the furniture from a consignment store or estate sale. It looked old fashioned and used and did not match the home or the area. It does look like someone lives in this house though in reality it is vacant and never lived in. I now know that if a seller pays for staging, he should specify what type of decor he would like and not leave it up to the designer who might use just what he has on hand.