Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chicago Information Website

I found a really great website to find alot of current information about Chicago. It's a great resourse for things happening around town if you want to attend or just avoid due to traffic or street closures.

It is . See below for some types of info available on this site:

Chicago Illinois Quick Facts: Population for Chicago: 2896016 County: Cook Latitude: 41.8865 Longitude: -87.6245 Chicago Illinois Site Map: Chicago Illinois IL Chicago Upcoming Events and Things to Do Chicago Illinois IL News Chicago Organizations Businesses Chicago Illinois IL Video Chicago

Ask me if you ever want some good shortcuts for driving around Chicago or of course if you want to know about Chicago Real Estate

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mortgage Crisis to Credit Card Crisis

This story is not really about real estate but I can forsee a problem that is similar to what happened in the mortgage industry. ..Home owners not able make their mortgage payment now that the rate on their ARM has adjusted to much higher.

Higher Rates!

I signed on to citicard site to pay my credit card bill. The minimum payment due seemed a little high so I actually look at the bill. Ah ha there it is! Citibank raised my finance rate to 13.99%. Yipes, with further investigation I found that last month my rate was 7.49%. I contacted them and they told me that the increase had nothing to do with my account but with their 'cost of doing business'. Hey, don't punish me for your problems!

I told them they need to lower my rate and that if they continue to raise peoples rates so high then payment will be more difficult...they might default on the payment and hence...a credit card crisis.

I wish I didn't have a balance on my credit card but with the mortgage crisis which led to the real estate slump...boohoo :(