Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chicago Real Estate. Will Housing Market Bottom in 2009?

I sat down at my computer this afternoon and a page was open on the screen with the headline 'Housing will Bottom June 30, 2009' or so says (said) Jim Cramer in NEW YORK. The problem with this statement by Cramer as recalled on January 22, 2009, is that Cramer made the statement on September 8, 2009. That was before the fall of AIG and Lehmann Bros. and promises of bailouts by the government. He predicted that before the stock market dropped to below 8000. I wonder if he has changed his mind about that. Let me know.

I certainly hope Jim Cramer is correct. It would be great if the market turned around in 2009!Just in case he is right, perhaps we should all start investing in the real estate market starting now. Contact me. I can help you find a good deal.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Chicago Real Estate and Social Networking

If you have read the news lately, you will know that the real estate market is slow due to the current economic situation. There is still some activity for those who can afford to take advantage of the great prices and historically low interests rates providing they can get a mortgage. I am still keeping in touch with clients and keeping them informed about properties but I find myself with a little extra time which I am using to upgrade my computer skills, help others with theirs and investigate the viral world of social networking.

I have been on myspace for a few years but now you can also find me on facebook and linkedin. I recommend that everyone become a part of the social networking community for fun and profit and when you do, be sure to follow me on twitter.