Sunday, December 30, 2007

Chicago New Year's Eve 2008

Today is New Year's Eve, Eve, Day and I get very nostalgic around this time. I think about New Years past, how I am going to celebrate this New Year's eve-in Chicago, and of course what 2008 will bring. Hopefully, the real estate market will pick up. It really will be interesting to see if some savvy buyers will take advantage of the lower property prices and low interest rates.

Being a Chicago native and having spent every New Year's Eve in Chicago but one, (I was living in Monterey,CA when I was 23) I have a lot of memories. I remember sleeping over at my Grandparents' apartment at Marine Drive and Argyle. They would try to send us to bed at 11pm because the crystal ball had descended upon Times Square in NY. I would look out the window and watch the blinking red light atop the pink, stucco, Edgewater Beach Hotel which is near the condo that my clients are buying at 5701 N. Sheridan. The area is called Uptown or Edgewater where property is pretty affordable.
I returned to that building at 4950 N. Marine Dr. last week to show some condos. Most buildings have converted to condos and the Edgewater Beach Hotel is a co-op.

Celebrating New Year's in Chicago could be a much fun as going to Zanies, a comedy club in Old Town and then to Ed Debevics (1986) with some old friends to the great snow storm of 1979 when I was stuck inside a high rise in Lakeview and the snow was so deep that no place would deliver food. I know there is a tremendous celebration at Navy Pier with fantastic fireworks but his year I am going out to an early dinner at J.Alexanders in Lincoln Park with my husband and the neighbor Syd and then back home to watch the ball drop and try to stay up until midnight.

Have a Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Importance of a Good Property Manager

I had a Real Estate Property inspection yesterday for a property at 5701 N. Sheridan, 60660 in Chicago, IL. I like the inspector we used...her name is Michelle Teague. Let me know if you want more info about her, she was very good. Anyway, there were some issues with plumbing and electric and my client was freaking out. After the inspection we went to the management office to get info about the condo docs, decs, etc. Tina and Joe in the office were so very helpful. They provided my client and I with all the information we need and reassured us that a quick close would be possible. We mentioned the inspection issues and the manager, Joe, went back up to the unit with us to take a look. He made my client feel so much better in letting her know that most of the problems were minor and would not cost as much as we initially feared. Thanks Joe. Now let's hope those issues can be resolved and my client will be happily purchasing the condo.